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I am a high school Special Education teacher and volleyball coach in Northwest Georgia. I started training at Koo Self Defense in April 2001. In March 2001, I was recovering from minor surgery when I had time to think about my health and fitness. I was 37 years old and 50 pounds overweight. My cholesterol was around 270. My doctor was going to increase my blood pressure medicine. I knew I had to do something. The only exercise program that has ever worked for me has been martial arts (in particular, judo). But the idea of driving 25+ miles one-way to Woodstock, GA or Rome, GA to get pounded into the mats by 20-year-old studs did not appeal to me.

While surfing the Internet, I came across Master Koo's web site. After reading his information, I saw that he used training methods that were similar in principle to the way I train my volleyball team. My philosophy in volleyball is that you always train in game-like situations so that when the championship is on the line, your training comes through. Master Koo trains you for that self-defense situation (which hopefully never happens) so that your training automatically comes through. For example, you don't practice serving a volleyball without a net to hit the ball over, so why would you practice punching air as in some martial arts. At Koo Self Defense, you punch and kick with full power against resistance. Master Koo emphasizes fitness also (which as I am overweight, appealed to me). Besides you can't run away if you are out of shape, much less protect yourself or your family.

I went to watch a couple of classes during my spring break and after meeting Master Koo, I knew Koo Self Defense was for me. I'll be honest: the first 3 or 4 classes were killers. I did not know if I could make through the first few classes, but I had fun. After one year of training, I lost 20 pounds, my cholesterol is now 201, and my doctor is now talking about reducing my blood pressure medicine. (I did gain some weight back during a 10-week break from training due to the birth of my son). I feel great and I have met a great many interesting people of all walks of life. Most of all, training is still fun. Koo Self Defense never gets boring or easier: it is always a challenge. The most surprising thing to me is the power that Master Koo's students develop after one year -- I am still amazed by it.

WHY I BELIEVE YOU SHOULD TRY KOO SELF DEFENSE: - If you are over 35, overweight, and out of shape -- it's a great way to get in shape at your own pace.
- If you are interested in martial arts for self defense and/or fitness.
- If you wanted to try a martial arts class but were intimidated by having to do a triple back round house kick while doing a flip -- Master Koo works with each person and adjusts the techniques to their ability.
- If you have tried martial arts before and did not like it because of the pressure to spar or fight in tournaments (a big money maker for some martial arts groups). Or you thought you could not measure to some abstract standard.
- If you got tired of hidden fees and other surprise expenses and long term contracts. - If you sign up for lessons from great grandmaster so and so, but a Junior Assistant instructor trainee (who couldn't teach their way out of a wet paper bag) taught all the classes -- Master Koo teaches all classes.
- If you want to take martial arts but could not find a studio that had classes to fit your schedule -- Master Koo teaches 20 classes a week.
- If you are an upper belt in a traditional martial art and you are not getting a good workout now.
- If you train in a traditional martial art and you want to develop more powerful punches and kicks.

While Koo Self Defense is a non-traditional martial art, I believe that Master Koo is very traditional. Like Dr. Jigoro Kano and Gichin Funokoshi, founders of Judo and Karate, who modernized martial arts at the beginning of the last century, Master Koo follows the martial arts tradition of "Shu, Ha, Ri" -- which means "imitate, question, and separate". When Master Koo started learning martial arts, he imitated his teachers. When Master Koo became a black belt, he started questioning why things were done the way they were. When Master Koo became a Master, he separated from his teachers and went his own way. Koo Self Defense is the product of this process. Koo Self Defense is the evolution of martial arts for the 21st century.

VIDEO CLIPS Taken April 2002. Started training at Master Koo's studio, Downtown Cartersville, Georgia, USA on October 12, 2001 and has done 72 classes to the day of photos and video clips.
Power Drills Class - 1800 non stop hits
Power Drills Class - Hands Addon Hits 3,6,9...

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